VP of Engineering

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VP of Engineering

Job description

Now that we're YC backed, we're looking for someone who can take complete ownership of our engineering team, deliveries, processes and get shit done. You will lead a group of high-performing teams that fuel our growth. You should love the idea of getting your hands dirty, but also know how to get out of the way for your team to thrive. Collaborating with others, seeing them flourish & grow and continuously challenging them to do their best work comes naturally to you.

Our ask is a burning desire for scale, relentless passion for building cutting-edge products, and undying love for technology.

What will you be doing?

  1. Leadership: A hands on and inclusive leader who leads & builds a world class engineering team
  2. Problem Solving: Spend time with code (80%) while solving our most challenging problems right now and making us ready for the future
  3. Technology Strategy: Developing processes and maintaining a technical roadmap that will continue to innovate from a technical standpoint
  4. Culture: Build a culture of weekly shipments, data driven decisions, automation, documentation and continuous feedback
  5. Scale: Build a scalable architecture that promotes speed, creativity and experimentation across the board
  6. Cross-Functional: Work with cross-functional leaders to craft a compelling vision and set quarterly goals/OKRs to achieve them 

Who will you work with?

Varun, Tanmaya, PalashNipunTauseef, and of course the rest of the jovial inFeedo team you'll find at the end of this page.
Mentors: Michael SeibelHarj Taggar , Jared Friedman


Is this you?

  1. Job Experience: 8-15 years in building products.
  2. Team Size: Experience in managing, guiding and scaling engineering teams (10+ engineers) through multiple phases of growth
  3. Ownership: A strong sense of ownership and accountability towards the engineering team and its outcomes
  4. Mindset: A customer-first individual who doesn't shy away while making hard calls or trade-offs when required. In fact, takes them proactively. You have an iterative approach to solve problems over an idealistic one.
  5. Product Intuition: Someone who challenges the CPO/Co-Founder's thought process in order to deliver world-class customer outcomes and experiences
  6. Hands-On: Experience with leading technical design/architecture and code reviews.

Brownie Points: 

  1. You've scaled a B2B SaaS business from $1 to $10 million in ARR or scaled a company from 300k users to 2 million in less than 2 years
  2. Experience working with AI technologies like NLP
  3. Open-source contributions and/or side projects that you're working on

What happens after you apply?

  1. Step 1: Within 7 days of your application - which is wholesome, original & expressive - our People Team will reach out to you for a quick chat.

  2. Step 2: Within 4-6 days of chatting with the People Team, a 90 minutes video call will be set up to meet the founders. 

  3. Step 3: It will be followed by a comprehensive technical group interview by the engineering team

  4. Step 4: A quick introduction to our Investors. 

  5. Step 5: Meet the inFeedo Leadership

  6. If we mutually enjoy the 5 steps, we onboard you with a big smile :)

Our expectations before you click “Apply Now”

At any step, if things don't work out, we proactively send an email. You are welcome to ask for detailed feedback and re-apply in the future. :)

Keywords: HR Tech, SaaS, Engineering, Leader, Data Architecture, Code Review, Product Development, NLP